About us

Mother Choices the most efficient pharmacies in Libya simple its N01, where it was founded in 1994 under the direction of The Pharmacist Rida Alsawari.
The experience of the pharmacy extended to more than 24 years and continued to develop
It become one of the most important institutions in the health sector in Libya, and has gained its reputation with its customers meritoriously and by providing high-quality medicines and services at a distinguished level to improve the health field in Libya.
The pharmacy has a strategic location in the centre of Tripoli in Bab Elazizia, Al-Saram Street. It covers an area of ​​about 1,800 square meters. It consists of four floors, where space allows to accommodate the entire staff and medical staff and provide large quantities of all pharmacy needs on time. We have a selection of more than therty highly experienced pharmacists and the best and most efficient pharmacists, the staff is divided into three periods and are at your service from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
In addition to the professional staff of the procurement department, the financial department, the medical equipment department, administrative affairs department, the insurance companies department and the services department, which gives us excellence as a private institution that simulates and competes with the top international stares pharmacies.


The pharmacy has the largest store with an unlimited number of items in nearly 32,000 categories of medicines as well as medical equipment, cosmetics, mother and child supplies. The pharmacy also has a private and independent refrigeration room for the preservation of medicines to mention the cold chain.


Our services in pharmacy.
1. Providing the needs of customers from inside and outside Libya from our reliable sources of medicines and medical equipment on demands.

2. Our medicines are provided by the top would companies its all from original pharmaceutical agencies such as Pfizer - Bayer - Novartis - GSK -  Takeda - Nycomed, etc, ...

3 - processing of orders for private companies, oil companies, clinics and hospitals such.
4 - We deal with the largest companies where we provide medical services to their employees and with pride and happiness such as the shipping company, the new company, Al Madar Al-Jadid, Arab Union Contracting Company, Al-Rahla Company, Libya Oil Company, Central Bank of Libya, Al Yusr Takaful Insurance Company. And many companies.

5 - Possibility of dealing with bank cards (Republic card - Trading card - Payment service - cheques.

6 - Telephone inquiry service also available during all hours, HOTLINE by calling 0911917000 and will answer all queries from the pharmacists competent.

7 - Providing home purchase service through the application for smart devices as the application enables customers to purchase their requirements through correspondence and access to the delivery service.

Our goal ...
Our goal is to become a leading healthcare organization in Libya 
We maintain our position as our most important partner for better health
Providing the largest range of services with highest quality.


Our motto ...
In our hearts, we care for our patients


With greetings from the Director General of the pharmacy
Dr. Rida Alsawari


You can communicate with us via the following numbers.
• General Manager NUMBER
• Purchasing Department NUMBER
• Sales Department NUMBER
• all other inquiry please call the Hotline  NUMBER