About us

MOTHRE CHOICES APP is a leading online shop in Cambodia. We target YOUNG MOTHER as our market segment. We are developing our platform to serve her with our products and services because we want to see:

·         She becomes a good mother and wife by her choices

·         She can take care her body, her job, and her confidence by her choices

·         She trust MOTHER CHOICES APP because she makes a choice to grow with us.

Therefore, our business journey is to select products and services for young mother but not just her as end-user, her family also our target. However, she will be the one to make choices.

Our digital platform will be kept development to reflect the knowledge and behavior of Cambodian users. Please support us for our vision “to engage Cambodian women in E-commerce”. We have majority of staff as young female and our customers are young mothers.

We know as start-up we always have thing to be improved. Please give us feedbacks!